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Do you like? written by tdomf_6d31d average rating 4.3/5 - 2700 user ratings
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  1. Joel on March 11, 2017: (Reply)
    I´d go for her main hole in liftoff mode!
  2. Ricky on July 18, 2015: (Reply)
    Add a tat on the right cheek! John 3:16
  3. on December 27, 2014: (Reply)
    The pussy lips are so big!!!
  4. Fletch on September 24, 2014: (Reply)
    LOVE IT!!!!!!! Gorgeous.
  5. on November 20, 2013: (Reply)
    i love your puffy pussy lips
  6. Orb on November 16, 2013: (Reply)
    that cute little butthole was made to be licked
  7. AssMasta on April 12, 2013: (Reply)
    Nice asshole, I’d lick that rim all night long.
  8. on November 15, 2012: (Reply)
    I’d stick my cock in your ass and fuck you until you came. Then I’d blow my load all over that nice big ass!!
  9. kink on May 29, 2012: (Reply)
    i would blow your ass full of air so you fart
  10. Wolf on April 13, 2012: (Reply)
    Oes it stink to high heaven? I think so!
  11. Fred on April 13, 2012: (Reply)
    I would mell it till I died of old age.
  12. jj on February 7, 2012: (Reply)
    i would like you asshole all night long, then fuck your creamy pussy
  13. ryan on December 31, 2011: (Reply)
    love pussy
  14. D on November 20, 2011: (Reply)
    The pussy looks amazing, the asshole is mindblowing! I fear that I wouldn’t hit the pussy cos I’d spend all nite fucking ass! 10
  15. pete on November 6, 2011: (Reply)
    mmm i luv your arse and your sexy pussy luv to fuk them both and shot my cum inside u
  16. on October 27, 2011: (Reply)
    I’d lick the peanut chunks of your sphincter.
  17. mauler on October 23, 2011: (Reply)
    Most inviting asshole on the site. Would cum so haed inside this!
  18. ilikeherass on September 17, 2011: (Reply)
    i like your asshole a lot, can i go anally deep into it???
  19. joe on June 30, 2011: (Reply)
    fuck you hard in both holes.
  20. on June 21, 2011: (Reply)
    hell yeah
  21. Johnny Hendrix on June 17, 2011: (Reply)
    make my penis a full-time resident of ur asshole, it looks azaming. nice ass and pussy too
  22. J on March 7, 2011: (Reply)
    Ass looks like its been fucked open a lot! Which is GREAT!!!
  23. on February 25, 2011: (Reply)
    Perfect Tasty Ass
  24. mauler on February 24, 2011: (Reply)
    dream ass pussy is great I love your asshole!
  25. on February 15, 2011: (Reply)
    So awesome,Id like a taste….
  26. SKI on February 11, 2011: (Reply)
  27. pn8" on February 8, 2011: (Reply)
    id do all i could do in 5 minutes because i wouldn’t last long with that fine ass.
  28. skeeziks13@gmail on February 7, 2011: (Reply)
    Holy cow… best peach shot ive ever seen.. show more
  29. Ken on February 4, 2011: (Reply)
    I’d ride you doggy style till you came multiple times
  30. booty mayne on February 4, 2011: (Reply)
    oh my gawd…. if i could teleport…. shit!
  31. joeyd on February 3, 2011: (Reply)
    I would eat that ass for days
  32. on February 2, 2011: (Reply)
    everything i could think of and when i run out of ideas i’d run ,run to the library and take out a book for more ideas
  33. booty mayne on February 1, 2011: (Reply)
    balls would accodently get stuck n there. dayuuuuum!!!!!!
  34. on January 31, 2011: (Reply)
    great ass get in touch
  35. Joe Y on January 30, 2011: (Reply)
    Love this pic!!!!! I would so fuck that ass hard!!!
  36. Gems on January 30, 2011: (Reply)
    Gotta give you praise. Nice ass
  37. T on January 26, 2011: (Reply)
    built for fucking ..great pussy lips
  38. ffmed5609 on January 24, 2011: (Reply)
    spread you open and drive my tongue as deep as possible
  39. chris on January 24, 2011: (Reply)
    i would lick that sexy pussy and grab those hips and fuck the hell out of u and cum all over that ass
  40. JZ on January 24, 2011: (Reply)
  41. latinLover on January 22, 2011: (Reply)
    now thats one of the best picture and asses yet u get 20 from me, and i would put it right in ur ass like that, get ass juiceout
  42. Enrique on January 22, 2011: (Reply)
    I’ve seen better
  43. on January 18, 2011: (Reply)
    Show me more
  44. on January 18, 2011: (Reply)
    Anything and everything,send me more.
  45. betdat on January 16, 2011: (Reply)
  46. J R on January 15, 2011: (Reply)
    keep showing from time to time..your one of the best on here…)~
  47. J R on January 15, 2011: (Reply)
    aww shucks darlin ..anythin that cums to mind for you..gorgeous ass ,browneye you must get tired of being hit on ,,,)~
  48. Capiculo on January 14, 2011: (Reply)
    love ur Asshole
  49. elchile on January 14, 2011: (Reply)
  50. on January 13, 2011: (Reply)
    suck it for u!!
  51. d erwin on January 13, 2011: (Reply)
    have never had one so nice
  52. jabjo on January 13, 2011: (Reply)
    I’d ;ike to sleep on your ass all night after I lick your puss and make you cum
  53. on January 13, 2011: (Reply)
    Wow i love your ass…:)
  54. cw on January 12, 2011: (Reply)
    and then cum in your asshole
  55. cw on January 12, 2011: (Reply)
    anything you want me too. I’d love to stick my tongue as far as i can in your asshole, eat your pussy until you cum, & fuck you
  56. on January 12, 2011: (Reply)
    I would just go cock crazy on your ass. Thats like whoa!
  57. dr.vegan on January 12, 2011: (Reply)
    i’ll eat whatever comes out of that sweet hole
  58. Lee on January 12, 2011: (Reply)
    put my tongue and my 9 to good use on poundin’ da phat juicy ass
  59. tom on January 12, 2011: (Reply)
    id love to fuck ur pussy hrd baby
  60. Mitchell on January 12, 2011: (Reply)
    I just wanna lick from your pussy to your ass! and then shove my thick cock between those soft lips! 10+ more plz!
  61. Airman74 on January 12, 2011: (Reply)
    I gave you a 9 because its a nice butt and because your shit pipe is so clean (and lickable)
  62. Andy C on January 12, 2011: (Reply)
    Oh my, that is gorgeous. My tongue and co#$ are both quivering for it.
  63. sculptor on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    admire it-watch my cock jism as it jumps in anticipation and then- savor every moment baby! awesome!
  64. RICO on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    I would beat that ass up!!!!!!
  65. Big Dick Johnson on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    i want to make out with those pussy lips
  66. Qfiveo on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    That asshole looks delicious!!
  67. BC on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    Make you cum so hard you scream for more!
  68. SKI on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    magnificent !! 10+
  69. iron man on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    i’d do wonders with that beautiful ass
  70. king on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    holy shit… i would lick your tight ass and sweet pussy for days and than open up both your holes with my cock.
  71. on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    i wanna eat it x
  72. Tiger Barnes on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    Baby, after you get used to the size of my cock in your pussy, I would slowly stick my thumb up your asshole!!! Perfection!!!
  73. Mark on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    OMG—- Fucking incredible ! I would eat that ass and pussy for hours ! That is a perfect ass !
  74. lildong 5 on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    wow i would like to lick that ass and pussy before i fuck u hard.
  75. damn on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    baby i eould like to fuck that nice tight asshole
  76. israel on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    i would lick that ass and pssy then tease those pussy lips wit my thick cock and shove it in deep and pound u hard
  77. Big Dick Johnson on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    pound it till u get all wet
  78. THE DUDE on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    And yes I like!!!!! Fucking 10!!! Serena take notes!!
  79. THE DUDE on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    Look at that hot pussy and ass!!!! I’d like to drill that ass as you lick some pussy!
  80. on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    I would bury my tongue in that tight asshole then do whatever you want! contact me with more shots 🙂
  81. jim on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    whatever you want lol
  82. jar333 on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    holy shit nice brown eye fuck me that ass is the shit! 10
  83. wallly on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    lick that ass
  84. AR on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
  85. Woodey on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    tongue fuck you
  86. John John on January 11, 2011: (Reply)
    Ohhhh My!!!! I like very much!!! Sweet!!! You got a 10 from me baby!!!
  87. Rican on January 10, 2011: (Reply)
    What evet you want mr to do, smell it, lick it, give ass a hard fuck. I am your slave
  88. roger on January 10, 2011: (Reply)
    i would lick you till you scream then fuck you in that beautiful ass.
  89. Samiam on January 10, 2011: (Reply)
    I would lick that asshole, then drive my cock deep and hard in ur ass

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