Black leggings pink thong

Black leggings pink thong

sliding down my leggings to show off my tan ass. comments please!

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  1. The TitMan on March 15, 2017: (Reply)

    Skinny, Sexy Cum Slut Ass.

  2. on March 2, 2015: (Reply)

    Your ass is that hot i’d let you shit on me then i’d cum over your dirty ass hole x

  3. on March 29, 2014: (Reply)

    awesome body post more

  4. on October 27, 2013: (Reply)


  5. Sculptor on October 18, 2013: (Reply)

    There is classy beautiful and raunchy beautiful, this fills the later.. Elegance, panache, delicate.. Still a great fucking ass!

  6. on October 17, 2013: (Reply)

    so pretty!

  7. on October 17, 2013: (Reply)

    Not worth all the acclaim. 4 at best.

  8. on October 17, 2013: (Reply)

    Nice but not what all the acclaim. 4 at best.

  9. on October 17, 2013: (Reply)

    Score of 8? Those who gave this a 9.9 or below need to get there eyes checked! Deserves a 15/10.

  10. MilfSlayer on October 16, 2013: (Reply)

    How thee fck is this ONLY an 8?!?!?!

  11. MilfSlayer on October 16, 2013: (Reply)

    10/10. WOW!!! ♥♥♥

  12. Sculptor on October 15, 2013: (Reply)

    Hot, smoking , what a delicacy, champagne and strawberries?

  13. pete on October 15, 2013: (Reply)

    luv 2 cum over your sexy arse,more please

  14. on October 15, 2013: (Reply)

    I wanna fuck you like that right now pull your thong out and fuck you in the ass x

  15. Orb on October 14, 2013: (Reply)

    little skinny but for that size your ass is amazing

  16. on October 14, 2013: (Reply)

    Amazing ass and body!! I want to see more sign me up!!:-)

  17. on October 14, 2013: (Reply)

    Love your sexy ass and tan,but id love to slide panties over and slide my 9 in cock in and ride!!!!!

  18. Jake on October 14, 2013: (Reply)

    Too skinny/bony

  19. dd.eddie on October 14, 2013: (Reply)

    PERFECT petite beauty! YUM YUM. And fab hair that i just want to bury my nose into.. well your ass too but first/first 😀

  20. Sometimesbored@yahoo .com on October 14, 2013: (Reply)

    Needs alittle meat in it !!

  21. 5714327523 on October 14, 2013: (Reply)

    beautiful ass could watch you naked all day please show more

  22. on October 14, 2013: (Reply)

    Perfect, for me, love black leggings they just doit for me love to see more, please take thong of and pants up;)

  23. Mike on October 13, 2013: (Reply)

    I’d love to smack my fat cock on that!

  24. artboy on October 13, 2013: (Reply)

    She is my ideal, long lean and sexy, great ass and hot legs, PERFECT ! !

  25. on October 13, 2013: (Reply)

    Great skinny ass.. it looks great.

  26. on October 13, 2013: (Reply)

    I’d like to take your cheeks in my hands baby, and then whisper in your ear whar I’d do with you!

  27. on October 13, 2013: (Reply)

    Now that’s a mighty fine ass! Would like to have it bent over in front of me!

  28. AssCritic on October 13, 2013: (Reply)

    Nice. Now bend over and touch your toes!!! 7/10

  29. J R on October 13, 2013: (Reply)

    looks like you work out..can you bend over n touch your toes? w/o thong…;) post more 8

  30. on October 13, 2013: (Reply)

    oh my god would lick every inch of that hot ass

  31. Sculptor on October 13, 2013: (Reply)

    Age sexy MILF?

  32. tazzed42@Gmail. com on October 12, 2013: (Reply)

    That is a perfect ass! I love it

  33. harleyman on October 12, 2013: (Reply)

    this is not a legging site or a thong site. take that shit off…bend over…and spread those cheeks…

  34. LICKANSTICK on October 12, 2013: (Reply)


  35. JB on October 12, 2013: (Reply)

    Goog god..what a tight ass..

  36. Andy on October 12, 2013: (Reply)

    fucking hooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttttt

  37. Fletch on October 12, 2013: (Reply)

    Very very sexy. Lovely ass, hair sexy back. Love to see you bent over and spread wide open. Please post more.

  38. ohiocableguy on October 12, 2013: (Reply)

    love the view. wish I could give it a tongue lashing

  39. on October 12, 2013: (Reply)

    daddy likes

  40. on October 12, 2013: (Reply)

    Thank you for the spelling lesson. Your asshole is your brain.

  41. THAT ONE GUY on October 12, 2013: (Reply)

    Great ass! Now lose the thong

  42. on October 12, 2013: (Reply)

    Perfect ass and you are really sexy. I would love to bend you over and put my erect cock to good use up your wet cunt.

  43. on October 12, 2013: (Reply)

    Love it!!! Want to see more of it!! Want to lick it kiss it and fuck it!:-)

  44. on October 12, 2013: (Reply)

    Beautiful hair;Beautiful ass, baby! Get on all for for me.,

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