Latina Tailfeather

Latina Tailfeather

I love sexy lingerie. This is what I wrapped my tail-feather in for New Year’s Eve. Did i make the right decision?

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  1. Stick on February 3, 2017: (Reply)

    Gawd…I want to soil your panties with squirt after squirt off my juice

  2. dd.eddie on January 12, 2017: (Reply)

    Damn, when i look here all i can think about is how your man ripped off these red panties to ravish you… Did your ass jiggle and the motion translated to your awesome breasts.. wow.. hot just thinking about it

  3. pete on January 4, 2017: (Reply)

    your undies are so sexy would luv to sniff them then cum over them xx more please xxx

  4. dave on January 2, 2017: (Reply)


    • Zelayaliz51 on January 3, 2017: (Reply)

      Thank you Dave!

  5. big hands on January 2, 2017: (Reply)

    yes, yes, and hell yes

  6. dd.eddie on January 2, 2017: (Reply)

    sexy selection for certain.. matching top? Perfect for a midnight rhomp. Did you? You always make my balls drop

    • Zelayaliz51 on January 3, 2017: (Reply)

      Of course I have the matching top! I’ve very picky about my lingerie and always try to keep it sexy for my man!

      • dd.eddie on January 4, 2017: (Reply)

        Spicy lady, you are S E X Y in anything!

  7. Jake on January 2, 2017: (Reply)

    Hope you like anal 😉

    • Zelayaliz51 on January 3, 2017: (Reply)

      Oh yes! I aim to please!

  8. Jake on January 2, 2017: (Reply)

    If we ever meet don’t wear expensive ones, I’d tear them off you and make love to your sexy ass

  9. Orb on January 2, 2017: (Reply)

    I appreciate you giving us a peak of that fine ass for New Years

    • Zelayaliz51 on January 3, 2017: (Reply)

      No problem Orb, hopefully you had a great one as well.

  10. on January 1, 2017: (Reply)

    Beautiful lingerie. But it is a shame you wore anything. You are more beautiful and sexy than any clothing you could ever wear.

  11. T on January 1, 2017: (Reply)


  12. SpunkSpewer on January 1, 2017: (Reply)

    I love that you love showing us. If you and I ever party, don’t wear your expensive ones. I’ll probably just tear them off of you to get to your goods

    • Zelayaliz51 on January 1, 2017: (Reply)

      Hmmm your that aggressive huh? What are you going to do once you get them off of me if I still wear some anyways?

  13. boxman on January 1, 2017: (Reply)

    yes I would love to chew that off of you then lick ever inch of you

    • Zelayaliz51 on January 1, 2017: (Reply)

      Oh boxman, I love a good strong tongue! Especially if you know how to use it!

  14. Gonephisting on January 1, 2017: (Reply)

    Splendid, a good choice in my opinion

    • Zelayaliz51 on January 1, 2017: (Reply)

      Thank you so much hun!

  15. Clear on January 1, 2017: (Reply)

    Wow , love to kiss that beauty and slip in some tongue as the clock strikes 12 , beautiful as always

    • Zelayaliz51 on January 1, 2017: (Reply)

      Thanks Clear glad you enjoy the picture.

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