I love looking & playing with big cocks in front of hubby 😉
D.P me please!!!!

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  1. Kev89 on October 4, 2019: (Reply)

    pixels showing, can you upload a version that isn’t so pixelated?

  2. Anonymous on October 2, 2019: (Reply)

    It takes fake pussys to know fake pussys.

    • HateOnTheHaterz on January 3, 2020: (Reply)

      LOLOL How is this fake again? It’s a fuckin photo you moron. Either enjoy the view or shut your face.

    • Vince on October 6, 2019: (Reply)

      I’m a fake pussy (in fact I’m a penis) and I see a fake pussy here.

  3. Frank Mattison on October 2, 2019: (Reply)

    OMG the sexiest ass I’ve ever seen!! Wow Asians Fucking rule the world!! Damn that booty looks so tasty!! Mummmmmm!!!!

  4. jonesy on October 2, 2019: (Reply)

    fake pussy

  5. on September 30, 2019: (Reply)

    What a gorgeous pussy and awesome pucker

  6. Asian pussy hunter on September 29, 2019: (Reply)

    Love to dig that out for her. Love Asian pussy!!! Great ass nice and round

  7. fake spotter on September 29, 2019: (Reply)

    Looks fake to me

    • HateOnTheHaters on September 30, 2019: (Reply)

      You got a fake comment and a painted comment LOL There ya go LOL. WOW. You got nothing better to do but be fakeass whiny lil bitches. Instead of looking at something with an artistic view, it’s better to be complaining arrogant idiots. There’s enough hate in the world shitheads. Why not sit back and enjoy, instead of thinking your some type of investigator professional photo judges. What is this, Simon from America’s got talent? LOL This is a rate my ass site. I do see a great perfect ass here painted or not. It certainly isn’t a cartoon animated drawing dumbasses. People have the right to censor stuff out in the background for whatever reason it is, whether privacy-recognition, or a scar, or tattoo and so forth. So shut your faces and enjoy or skip to the next photo. This is a perfect view and I love the detail and color effects. If you want pure amateur photos, then skip to and go to hell 😉

      • BSD on October 3, 2019: (Reply)

        Good points . Don’t get why whiners whine, but I’m guessing they don’t get any . I am okay with an occasional good joke when the joke it pretty obvious . It’s like that George Thorogood song , some people are pretty funny , now you’re funny too . Lol

    • crank454 on September 29, 2019: (Reply)

      looks painted on to me

      • Kev89 on October 5, 2019: (Reply)

        Agreed, now I look close, something has been copy/pasted there

  8. Anonymous on September 28, 2019: (Reply)

    nice asshole

  9. TwentySonethingMan on September 28, 2019: (Reply)

    my friends and I would love to stand in a row with our hard cocks straining for her to suck and fuck one by one…. I’d love to have a taste of her sat on my face first though!

  10. FilthyRich on September 28, 2019: (Reply)

    Can i give this 7 stars?

  11. on September 28, 2019: (Reply)

    Would n’t you like to watch me fuck her ass

  12. gary on September 28, 2019: (Reply)

    absolutely stunning beautiful ass and thighs sweet looking ass and pussy keep posting garter thong and stockings please 10/10

  13. Jlondon on September 28, 2019: (Reply)

    Anal first then pussy

  14. TheDon on September 28, 2019: (Reply)

    On my face please!

  15. on September 27, 2019: (Reply)

    id Love to show her how big she made my rod. Perfect ass and amazing pussy! Hit me up…. she will be amazed

  16. Timmy on September 27, 2019: (Reply)

    HOLYFUK!!! Speechless 5+

  17. Baumer on September 27, 2019: (Reply)

    Damn those holes look well used! Would love to stuff them with my hard cock!

  18. Snowy on September 27, 2019: (Reply)

    prefer to see the un-enhanced version, you don’t need to enhance it.

    • SteveOh on September 27, 2019: (Reply)

      some of the newer samsung cameras and smartphone cams give that effect. either way. this is one sweet amazing piece of AsianAss! lol I’m sure they’ll post more without the flash

  19. Vj on September 27, 2019: (Reply)

    Would love to pound both those holes.

  20. Dude on September 27, 2019: (Reply)

    Wish I could give you a score higher then “5”

  21. Bilbo on September 27, 2019: (Reply)

    Muthrfucker that is amazing

  22. Gob on September 27, 2019: (Reply)

    I’m in!! Such a raging hard on for AsianWifey!!!! Would have so much fun feeding it to you….you could play, stroke, suck and fuck as much as you want!!!

  23. Suck it on September 27, 2019: (Reply)

    Beautiful Hot ass and pussy!!! Keep it cumming

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