Asian Wifey! Oiled ass

Asian Wifey! Oiled ass

That’s right, go ahead, feel up my wife!

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  1. Anonymous on September 24, 2023: (Reply)

    We miss this Goddess! Need more posts.

  2. Anonymous on July 27, 2020: (Reply)

    You finger her cunt as I fuck her stinker !! Yummm

  3. Fred on July 17, 2020: (Reply)

    Ya’ll al a bunch of nutts

  4. SteveOH on July 17, 2020: (Reply)

    Now that is one beautiful teasing view. Who ever is getting to feel up this hotwife is one lucky bastard lol Do you have anymore of her sweet booty oiled up for us all to see?

  5. dave on July 16, 2020: (Reply)

    beautifull your a blessed man

  6. M on July 16, 2020: (Reply)

    Very nice ass

  7. BigBadWolf on July 15, 2020: (Reply)

    Awesome! Love this….

  8. on July 15, 2020: (Reply)

    Such a beautiful ass!! Great pose! Could I take you up on that offer…? 😉

  9. Paulibee on July 14, 2020: (Reply)

    Move your finger so I can like her holes

  10. BigVS on July 14, 2020: (Reply)

    Move your hand dickhead…

    • Anonymous on July 16, 2020: (Reply)

      I had the same thought.. move the hand. Also why put baby oil on her ass? I dont really get it

      • The Other Anonymous on July 17, 2020: (Reply)

        Agreed. Oil just makes it too slippery to grab a hold of. Better to get a firm hold of those lovely hips and jackhammer away. But…to each their own I suppose.

    • HateOnTheHaterz on July 14, 2020: (Reply)

      Shut your face idiot. Read what the photo says (That’s right, go ahead, feel up my wife!), have a little imagination shithead. Also this is a rate my *ASS* site, not rate my box. You certainly can see one sweet juicy booty here, so go take your b.s critiquing ELSEWHERE! Actin like your judge Simon off America’s got talent. PUKE. This hot couple has posted before. Also, there is enough hate and whining ass bitches on this planet already. We don’t need to hear from another one like you! SOOOOO enjoy the view otherwise keep your b.s remarks to yourself numbnutts! Oh let me guess, your prolly one fat slob sumbitch that can’t even get a blowup doll off let alone get any true genuine sweet T & A like you see here. Peace 😉

      • Anon on July 15, 2020: (Reply)

        Couldn’t have put it better myself and same to every other juvenile that like to post derogatory remarks.

        • Anonymous on July 15, 2020: (Reply)

          Again in everone’s business anon

      • BigVS on July 14, 2020: (Reply)

        Oh, got a bite, just let me reel this one in….

      • BigVS on July 14, 2020: (Reply)

        Finished?…now move your hand…

        • Bilbo on July 15, 2020: (Reply)


  11. Bilbo on July 14, 2020: (Reply)

    Fucking magical

  12. dd.eddie on July 14, 2020: (Reply)

    Wouldnt mind doing it but using my tongue. She looks delicious in EVOO!

  13. Wifelover on July 14, 2020: (Reply)

    HolyFuk, that’s a lucky hand! What an edible view.

  14. Jlondon on July 14, 2020: (Reply)

    That butthole looks tight

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