My colombian friend

My colombian friend

My friend “E”.36 years old.
Its a great ass ?

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  1. Adequate on September 13, 2022: (Reply)

    Absolutely incredible ass!

  2. gojifan on September 7, 2022: (Reply)

    She could park that right on my face and start grinding away.

  3. Pussy is king on August 9, 2022: (Reply)

    Awesome ass! I want to be friends with her!

  4. J. on August 2, 2022: (Reply)

    Ese culo es mi postre.
    Y lo sabes.

  5. Lucde on August 2, 2022: (Reply)

    Quiero echar la leche sobre esas nalgas

  6. Pow Chow on August 2, 2022: (Reply)

    Necesito penetrar ese culo colombiano

  7. Jo on July 31, 2022: (Reply)

    My dick is begging for that delicious ass! Send me some more at

  8. 0014 on July 30, 2022: (Reply)

    Total face-magnet! Love it. Post more!

  9. J. Smith on July 30, 2022: (Reply)

    Me acabo de masturbar viendo la foto de ese culo colombiano y he echado mucha leche.

  10. on July 30, 2022: (Reply)

    you are not wrong wow I have this overwhelming feeling to put my face in between her cheeks

    • on July 31, 2022: (Reply)

      oh you would? sounds like you like that,

  11. Melissa on July 30, 2022: (Reply)

    Very beautiful

  12. Mitch on July 30, 2022: (Reply)

    Colombian women… have the best ass in the world.. I have been there twice… everywhere you look…. Delicious

  13. Anonymous on July 30, 2022: (Reply)

    It doesn’t matter that you are from Colombia you have a perfect ass I’d love to see it in your tight shorts with the cheeks of your ass hanging out

  14. DDawn on July 29, 2022: (Reply)

    From one lady to another…really nice as!

    • FRED on July 29, 2022: (Reply)

      Ddawn , lets see yours , its amazing.

    • DDawn on July 29, 2022: (Reply)

      Ass…it’s so nice I can’t even spell. Ha!

      • on July 31, 2022: (Reply)

        You already know that you also have a very sexy delicious attractive ass

      • Numnum on July 30, 2022: (Reply)

        FRED is correct….it truly is.

  15. Numnum on July 29, 2022: (Reply)

    It is an amazing ass! Needs to be worshipped.

  16. Paulibee on July 29, 2022: (Reply)

    Fuck yes

  17. Alfredo on July 29, 2022: (Reply)

    Now there is 2 things I love from Colombia .

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