My Wifes Big Bare Ass

My Wifes Big Bare Ass

My wife wants to know what your honest thoughts of her bare ass are, and what you would do to it?

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32 Comments for My Wifes Big Bare Ass

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  1. lovethebooty@outlook com on December 18, 2023: (Reply)

    Your WiFE has a KiLLeR Ass!!! Love to see a full body pic!!

  2. Petee on August 29, 2023: (Reply)

    Your wife has a fantastic huge ass. I’ll bet it looks amazing watching the fat ripple when do her doggy.

  3. Anonymous on June 15, 2023: (Reply)

    She wants thoughts about her big bare ass? 1. It’s gorgeous. 2. It’s sexy as hell 3. It’s spankable, kissable, and ogh so fuckable. If I had a play date with her, I’d spend all my time with her ass, spanking, stroking, kissing, and licking it before giving her a thorough ass fucking.

  4. Op on May 8, 2023: (Reply)

    Shes my wife. Email me at if you want to see more

  5. N Day on May 7, 2023: (Reply)

    Fantastic ass! Love the shape. I’m rock hard and want to fuck her hard! I want to see more of her!

  6. on May 6, 2023: (Reply)

    Very sexy! Id grab her hips and pound her balls deep.

  7. jack on May 4, 2023: (Reply)

    i ate a nice peach the other day , looked just like this yummy arse

  8. Her Husband on May 4, 2023: (Reply)

    Leave emails and I’ll send more. Or ki k usernames and I’ll add you to send

  9. J*R on May 3, 2023: (Reply)

    The other side of the Moon!

  10. professor on May 3, 2023: (Reply)

    lovely bum girl , id like to use all different toys on you. beads dildos vibraters , how does that sound ?

  11. Luvass on May 3, 2023: (Reply)

    Wonderfully delicious ass

  12. Anonymous on May 3, 2023: (Reply)

    Should I post another of her?

    • on May 5, 2023: (Reply)

      Yes, you should post more or better yet, send to my email !

    • Bob on May 3, 2023: (Reply)

      Yes you definately need to post another pic of that big thicc ass. Actually like to see it in a gstring. What size is it, gotta be at least 44″ of booty there

  13. Taste Tester on May 2, 2023: (Reply)

    I’d swirl my tongue around her hole.

  14. Anonymous on May 2, 2023: (Reply)

    Does she like it in the asshole?

    • Anonymous on May 3, 2023: (Reply)

      Loves it in her ass! I have videos! lol

      • Anonymous on May 7, 2023: (Reply)

        Can I see a video??

        • Op on May 8, 2023: (Reply)

          Of course! How do I contact you?

  15. Anonymous on May 2, 2023: (Reply)


  16. on May 2, 2023: (Reply)

    Looks delicious can I hit both holes if yes then you would not be walking the next day!!I would lick and stick everything

  17. Buk on May 2, 2023: (Reply)

    Sodimize her hard

  18. Mooiman on May 2, 2023: (Reply)

    Spank those puppies

  19. Buggerer on May 1, 2023: (Reply)

    Some vigorous spanking and then lube up and fuck that ass!

  20. Magnum on May 1, 2023: (Reply)

    Oh, yeah!!! This is what I am talking about. I would do everything she would let me. Finger, lick, fuck. Great ass!!!

  21. J on May 1, 2023: (Reply)

    That is indeed a big ass and I’d fuck it hard and deep and deposit a hot load of nut in it.

  22. Anonymous on May 1, 2023: (Reply)

    Like to get behind and have my way with that beautiful bum.

  23. Anonymous on May 1, 2023: (Reply)

    mhmm more pics!

  24. Mike on May 1, 2023: (Reply)

    I’d slam my hard throbbing cock up your pretty ass

  25. Mmmm on May 1, 2023: (Reply)

    Nice Phat ass! Needs spanked and pound over and over with my cock filling her with load after load of cum.

  26. on May 1, 2023: (Reply)

    I would give her a couple of hand prints on those lovely cheek before spreading her open and burying my tongue in her ass. What happens after is negotiable

  27. Bob on May 1, 2023: (Reply)

    Damn right its big for sure

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