Wifes Big Bare Ass pt 2

Wifes Big Bare Ass pt 2

She loved the responses from the first post. She wants to read more, so tell her how you feel about her big ass

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  1. Petee on July 5, 2023: (Reply)

    I’ll bet her big fat ass has some monster ripples when you give her a good plugging from behind. Enjoy the waves!

  2. Anonymous on June 15, 2023: (Reply)

    I recognize this ass from somewhere. . . hmm, have a played with it before? Haha, I wish! Keep this incredible hot ass coming to us, you lucky guy!

  3. Anonymous on June 13, 2023: (Reply)

    Just a gentle spanking on that bubble butt before pleasuring both those holes thoroughly.

  4. Cuntlover on June 11, 2023: (Reply)

    Open up as would be nice to see your holes

  5. Hardon on May 22, 2023: (Reply)

    Open those legs I could fuck her till she rolls over and then I would fuck her tits and cum all over her face

  6. Anonymous on May 19, 2023: (Reply)

    I would eat that ass all night

  7. Anonymous on May 19, 2023: (Reply)

    I would eat that ass all night long

  8. Taste Tester on May 13, 2023: (Reply)

    I feel hungry. That ass looks tasty!

  9. professor on May 11, 2023: (Reply)

    i d love to spread your ass cheeks a taste your sweet hole , maybe deposit a few objects inside it and a bunch of cum to finnish off , how does that sound ?

  10. Billcan5@outlook.com on May 10, 2023: (Reply)


  11. Anonymous on May 10, 2023: (Reply)

    Absolutely needs to be spread wide an tongue fucked while playing with her pussy until she’s begging for dick. Then lube the dick in her cunt while lubing her arse to. Then slipping that big dick into her arse while you watch.

  12. professor on May 9, 2023: (Reply)

    seeing this ass alot lately , can only assume she is a right sex maniac , ahhh i love it

  13. Anonymous on May 9, 2023: (Reply)

    Those asscheeks are just begging for cock, she ever given an assjob? I bet she’d be great at it, take a hard cock between her asscheeks and work it till it nuts, no penetration till after, so hot, I’d fuck her.

  14. Magnum on May 9, 2023: (Reply)

    Absolutely gorgeous. Can you spread and show your asshole?

    • Anonymous on May 10, 2023: (Reply)

      That would be wonderful!

  15. Anonymous on May 9, 2023: (Reply)

    Beautiful ass i want 2 fuck that asshole what size is that ass

  16. Hippie on May 9, 2023: (Reply)

    Please show close up pic of pussy an asshole

  17. OP on May 9, 2023: (Reply)

    Email me at bp_23@outlook.com if you want to see more

  18. Buggerer on May 8, 2023: (Reply)

    Can’t decide whether I’d want to spank that arse first, before fucking it, or should I just lube up and stick my stiff cock straight up her arsehole? Probably a compromise of fucking her cunt, doggystyle and spanking her arse cheeks until they are bright pink, and then fucking her arse is the way forward

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my fat ass

my fat ass

should i open my ass cheeks?

21 Comments for my fat ass

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  1. Tittymaster16@yahoo.com on April 27, 2023: (Reply)

    Spread them so I can spit on your asshole

  2. Tony on April 26, 2023: (Reply)

    I love it and can you spread them

  3. georgy on April 25, 2023: (Reply)

    please do i want to see where youd like my cock

  4. Capiculo on April 24, 2023: (Reply)

    Oh yes

  5. Juve63@yahoo.com on April 24, 2023: (Reply)

    Spread for my big dick baby

  6. jack on April 23, 2023: (Reply)

    can i taste it ?

  7. Anonymous on April 23, 2023: (Reply)

    Yes! Why is this even a question?

  8. Buggerer on April 23, 2023: (Reply)

    Yes, and live up your ringpiece so that my chick will slide into you easily

  9. Anonymous on April 23, 2023: (Reply)

    I want to put my cock in that butthole!

  10. Jj_8341@yahoo.com on April 23, 2023: (Reply)

    Can I bury my cock between those heavenly cheeks of yours

  11. Magnum on April 23, 2023: (Reply)

    Yes, please! Open that baby for all to see!!

  12. Bum connoisseur on April 23, 2023: (Reply)

    …only if you’d like a grateful cock in it

  13. Anonymous on April 23, 2023: (Reply)

    Yes please, spread that beautiful ass.

  14. Steelie2014@hotmail.com on April 23, 2023: (Reply)

    Don’t worry. I’ll open your sexy cheeks for you so I can get my tongue nice and deep. Get you ready for my big, hard cock

  15. NaturalisBetter on April 23, 2023: (Reply)

    Hell yes! Please get on all fours and show us those goodies!

  16. Anonymous on April 23, 2023: (Reply)


  17. Anonymous on April 23, 2023: (Reply)

    Yes please

  18. Buk on April 23, 2023: (Reply)

    Yes spread that phat ass for us

  19. Anonymous on April 23, 2023: (Reply)


  20. Bob on April 23, 2023: (Reply)

    That would be a nice thing to do. Everyone would like to see both of your edible hot holes

  21. Hatter on April 23, 2023: (Reply)

    amazing. Great thighs and nice plump ass. Spread those cheeks baby. Let me tongue that ass. And then get ready for a nice long ass fucking.

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wife’s skimpy thong

wife’s skimpy thong

caught a peek of my wife’s juicy ass for you to enjoy 😉

14 Comments for wife’s skimpy thong

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  1. Anonymous on May 16, 2023: (Reply)

    Does she ever lose the thong or show her tits?

  2. BSD on April 20, 2023: (Reply)

    She never fails amazing

  3. dk321mail@yahoo.com on April 17, 2023: (Reply)

    Mmmm, nice wife 😉

  4. cheap sunglasses on April 7, 2023: (Reply)

    That is so fucking hot and look at the size of her left nipple, yes i love big nipples

  5. Pussy is king on April 7, 2023: (Reply)

    Damn sexy ass and firm titties! Better pic next time please!

  6. Wifey on April 5, 2023: (Reply)

    Mmmmm you bad boy you said the same to your wifey for lifey

  7. Anonymous on April 5, 2023: (Reply)

    Does she take it in the ass?

  8. Anonymous on April 4, 2023: (Reply)

    Someone needs to teach this babe to pose. Make it look like you mean it. You got it, flaunt it!

    • gman on April 5, 2023: (Reply)

      i don’t think she’s posing… still incredibly sexy though!

  9. Anonymous on April 4, 2023: (Reply)

    Have we seen this ass before?

    • nastynate on April 6, 2023: (Reply)

      bathroom blonde!

  10. Mmmm on April 4, 2023: (Reply)

    Nice little ass and I like the side boob and nipple showing. She looks like she would be fun to ride.

  11. Anonymous on April 4, 2023: (Reply)

    She’s lovely mate. Would love to swap pics of my wife. Do you have SnapChat?

  12. bater man on April 4, 2023: (Reply)

    sexy booty.. loving the hint of side boob!

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Tight ass cheeks

Tight ass cheeks

What do you seriously think of this ass?

33 Comments for Tight ass cheeks

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  1. Fred on November 26, 2023: (Reply)

    Squeeze them nice and tight so it feels like the first time when I pry those checks apart to make you cum and cum some more

  2. Mpc on June 20, 2023: (Reply)

    I’d love to fuck her

  3. 00buck69@gmail.com on April 21, 2023: (Reply)

    I think….I want to eat and ride that ass!

  4. Anonymous on April 20, 2023: (Reply)

    Who is this women

  5. Anonymous on April 11, 2023: (Reply)

    Who is this girl?

  6. professor on March 20, 2023: (Reply)

    seriously , i think it is spectacular , i want it under me

  7. Anonymous on March 15, 2023: (Reply)

    I’d lick it

  8. J*R on March 9, 2023: (Reply)

    Tite as bark on a tree,

  9. DocJ on March 9, 2023: (Reply)

    Very nice ass but should have top a bit higher and pic directly behind to tell if a pear ass or not, for now a 4

    • Anonymous on March 10, 2023: (Reply)

      I have several on here with that view

      • Iguesssp on April 24, 2023: (Reply)


      • Anonymous on April 17, 2023: (Reply)

        WHERE? What title and dates?

  10. Anonymous on March 8, 2023: (Reply)


  11. mr beast on March 8, 2023: (Reply)

    That is one sexy bubble butt and beautiful thighs too. Made for pleasure.

  12. Anonymous on March 8, 2023: (Reply)

    That’s the real deal!

  13. Bruno on March 6, 2023: (Reply)

    Fat butts deserve fat cock

  14. Buggerer on March 4, 2023: (Reply)

    Hmmm that ass looks ripe for a really good spanking.

  15. BSD on March 4, 2023: (Reply)


  16. Randycock on March 4, 2023: (Reply)

    Needs a good fucking from my big hard cock

  17. Anonymous on March 3, 2023: (Reply)

    Great little bubble

  18. O on March 3, 2023: (Reply)

    Need more of that Ass waiting for round 2. Ass So tempting u should have spread them legs just a bit

  19. Stretch on March 3, 2023: (Reply)

    Very cute. I could make good use of that…and you’d love it.

  20. Jeffery on March 2, 2023: (Reply)

    I want to bury my face in it

  21. Pussy is king on March 2, 2023: (Reply)

    Yep sexy tight ass! Show more get that ass up in the air please!

  22. Anonymous on March 2, 2023: (Reply)

    That is one beautiful ass

  23. XD on March 2, 2023: (Reply)

    heaven …

  24. Anonymous on March 2, 2023: (Reply)

    be proud of that ass

  25. Paulibee on March 2, 2023: (Reply)

    I think it’s spectacular

  26. Bob on March 2, 2023: (Reply)

    Good eating

  27. Bilbo on March 2, 2023: (Reply)

    Thats a trophy ass right there

  28. Luvass on March 2, 2023: (Reply)


  29. Mmmm on March 2, 2023: (Reply)

    Sexy ass and gorgeous legs! I would love to smack it and ride it over and over.

  30. Butt lover on March 2, 2023: (Reply)


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Bent over butt cheeks

Bent over butt cheeks

6 Comments for Bent over butt cheeks

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  1. Baumer on January 20, 2023: (Reply)

    Slutty ass to share with the boys.

  2. Buggerer on January 18, 2023: (Reply)

    That looks like an ass that is just begging for a tooth spanking. I’ll happily oblige before buggering her in a frenzy

  3. Mmmm on January 18, 2023: (Reply)

    I thought the Velma reference was on point. It is a very nice view. I would like to slip the material to the side, slide my hard cock in between those cheeks and pound away using the material and a hip to pull that ass towards me and I thrust my hips forward. I would put several loads in that!

  4. Anonymous on January 18, 2023: (Reply)

    Just skin, no ass

  5. J on January 17, 2023: (Reply)

    Mm, I’d slip that just enough to the side so I could slip my cock right up your ass then grab a handful of hair and ride you to pound town.

  6. Anonymous on January 17, 2023: (Reply)

    Zoinks!!! It’s Velma.

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short shorts on a spankable ass

short shorts on a spankable ass

What does she need to go with those shorts?

35 Comments for short shorts on a spankable ass

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  1. Anonymous on May 23, 2023: (Reply)

    Looks like a professional photo. Incredible, but curious if real. Either way, want more.

  2. Anonymous on November 9, 2022: (Reply)

    Still waiting for more posting by this Goddess.

  3. mr beast on October 25, 2022: (Reply)

    Okay Sarah, now close the door, turn around, then bend forward over the kitchen table while i peel those shorts down and slide deep into your sweet pussy, making you moan and writhe until you cum harder than you’ve ever cum before.

  4. Adolph Oliver Nipples on October 25, 2022: (Reply)

    Cum splatters

  5. AssManDave on October 23, 2022: (Reply)

    bloody hell I need to bend you over my knee young lady

  6. mike 720 on October 22, 2022: (Reply)

    lets 69 till we cum in each others mouth

  7. Anonymous on October 20, 2022: (Reply)

    Sarah has a great ass thats just missing my cum sprayed all over it

  8. Anonymous on October 19, 2022: (Reply)

    We need a closer look without the shorts!

  9. JamBam on October 18, 2022: (Reply)

    Nice ass let down by angel and shorts 🙂

    • Anonymous on November 5, 2022: (Reply)

      Nice ass, let down by my cock not being rammed into it.

  10. Darius on October 17, 2022: (Reply)

    A white woman with an African ass! I like!

  11. BritBoy on October 17, 2022: (Reply)

    Surely this has got to be a professional picture, that girl is fucking perfect. I’d give up my left bollock to spend a day fucking her senseless.

  12. Anonymous on October 17, 2022: (Reply)

    lose the shorts and give a back view will be a 5 star!

  13. Bako on October 17, 2022: (Reply)

    You have a very fiiiiine ass!

  14. Stretch on October 16, 2022: (Reply)

    Perfection! I hope this is the first of many, many posts. Would love to vacation in that lovely ass.

  15. Mitch on October 16, 2022: (Reply)

    Oh my… delicious

  16. SBM on October 15, 2022: (Reply)

    love to spank those cheeks!

  17. Azry!!! on October 15, 2022: (Reply)

    Me!…9 inches deep in her ass!

  18. Hungry on October 15, 2022: (Reply)

    Anything good in the cupboard?

    • Ah-haa! on October 20, 2022: (Reply)

      That’s where she keeps the plugs and lube.

  19. Dark Brotha on October 15, 2022: (Reply)

    a fine ass u got but need to show more!

  20. Anonymous on October 15, 2022: (Reply)

    Now you gotta show us her pussy!! Look at that ass!!!

  21. J on October 15, 2022: (Reply)

    She needs to be bent over and be made to spread those cheeks with both hands so we can see her glorious cum receptacles.

  22. Butt lover on October 15, 2022: (Reply)

    I am confused, is this rate my shorts, or rate my ass? To rate an ass, needs to be naked! So next time post a nude photo of that amazing butt of yours, or don’t post at all. 2 stars for not being naked, the only reason I didn’t give you 1 star is because you are brave enough to show us your face, nothing to do with the butt, which on this site, needs to be nude.

    • Boobclub87 on October 17, 2022: (Reply)

      This is by far the best looking Ass I have seen on here ever , maybe it’s a first pic here just testing it out , but last time I logged on it was mighty fine ass not naked mighty fine ass, if you want to complain tell your mom the basement bathroom is out of toilet paper

    • Brain dead on October 16, 2022: (Reply)

      I am confused and have 0 imagination

    • Anonymous on October 16, 2022: (Reply)


  23. Anonymous on October 15, 2022: (Reply)

    Wow! Can we see Sara’s pussy and butthole as well?

    • Agree on October 16, 2022: (Reply)

      Yes please!

  24. mike 720 on October 15, 2022: (Reply)

    she needs my nice dick in her pussy

  25. Anonymous on October 15, 2022: (Reply)

    My cock

  26. Stretch on October 15, 2022: (Reply)

    My face!

  27. Anonymous on October 15, 2022: (Reply)

    There hss been a spike in ass wuslity recently. Another grest one!

  28. BSD on October 15, 2022: (Reply)

    More material ? Lol

    That’s one hot ass

  29. mikeoxlong0722@gmail.com on October 15, 2022: (Reply)

    Holy smokes!! Now that’s a great ass! Would love to see more of that!!

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